Finding Your Property

Finding Your Property

Sedir Emlak offers you a full Real Estate bundle , we can search, screen, select, negotiate, and draft contracts on your behalf.

We consult with you to discover exactly the characteristics of the property you wish to obtain. Then we source and negotiate the most beneficial deals of one or more properties meeting your standards.

. We search within the entire area you select and we list any properties that could meet your specification

. We contact the agents or salespeople working in the area you select to advise them of details of the property we are looking for

.We contact owners of those properties likely to fit your specifications, to ask them about selling

. We inspect and comprehensively photograph any properties meeting or close to your specification

.We report to you frequently on:

    1. Our progress

    2. Market activity

    3. Properties we have sourced and screened against your specification

.We collect complete info on any suitable property, allowing you to have full idea about it , so we can proceed with a purchase

. We negotiate the best possible price and terms on your behalf and to your benefit

·We communicate with the seller or their agent to ensure the property is properly represented, any known faults and problems revealed, and all additions stay with the property

· We ensure the seller complies with the contract terms and conditions

· We collect the property keys from the seller or their agent, and deliver them to you


For the full Search and Buy service our professional fee is 3.0% of the purchase price of the property. This enables us to negotiate the contract price as low as possible with no conflict of interest.

In almost all cases, we are able to negotiate a purchase price that saves our clients far more than our fee.

Our aim is to remove any worry from your mind, by finding a property and negotiate the most advantageous, fair and satisfying purchase transaction as possible.

To get started, please communicate with us.