Opportunities for Lebanese Investors in Turkey

Opportunities for Lebanese Investors in Turkey

Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek, asks Lebanese investors to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Turkish Government in the real estate investment sector and urban transformation.

Şimşek says during his meeting with Lebanese investors in the construction of Istanbul / Gaza, on Wednesday, that Turkey has a significant investment potential in the construction sector, due to demographic change witnessed.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister adds that Turkey needs to build 6.5 million home within the urban transformation plan.

He explaines : "You can take advantage of these opportunities, we can work together in different parts of the world; the Turkish construction industry is very strong, and Turkey ranked second after China in terms of having the largest number of engineering companies."

He points to the strength of the Turkish economy, despite developments affecting the economy, such as the general elections in the country (in reference to the early elections, which took place about a year ago), and tension with Russia (after the overthrow Turkey warplane Russia violated its airspace) and global financial issues, over the past years .

He explaines that the region is experiencing terrorist activities, and that millions of people were forced to flee their homes and their neighborhoods