Getting Turkish Visit Visa for Iraqis is easy now

Turkish ambassador "Farouk Kaymakci" in Iraq has announced in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, that the visa exemption agreement (Visa) between Turkey and Iraq will come into effect from tomorrow, Friday, October 28 / October's

'Kaymakci' added that the visa exemption for citizens of the Turks and the Iraqis is valid only for the holders of diplomatic, service or special passports

Turkish Ambassador pointed out that the Convention does not include Iraqi public passport holders, and that granting of visa for the purpose of treatment, tourism or trade procedures continues, pointing out that his country granted visa to these cases on the same day of applying , in case the applicant meets the conditions of the visa submitted as required

'Kaymakci' added that the new visa applicable agreement will take place in the beginning of this year, and granting of visas for Iraqis procedures will be fast and easy if conditions are met, he said, adding that this agreement contributed significantly to the reduction of illegal from Iraq to Turkey and the rest of the European countries immigration